Vermeer Process


Vermeer Process specializes in process filtration. As designer, trouble-shooter, manufacturer and supplier we can advise, design and deliver the ideal service or product throughout the course of your projects. To us, effective filtration means considering filter efficiency, redress life and price-quality ratio. Another significant consideration is decreasing maintenance costs. More attention to maintenance means less expensive shut down time. For example by evaluating and decreasing total costs of ownership, we can make process risks transparent.

The range of products that Vermeer Process Technology designs and fabricates, comprehends not only filters, strainers, self-cleaning filters and flow equipment, but also specially developed one-offs. Keywords for all of our products are filter efficiency, extended lifetime, price-quality ratio and decreased maintaining costs by reducing shut down time. Vermeer Process Technology has experience in working with almost any (exotic) material you can think of

Vermeer Process provides filtration solutions and services for:

  • Casted & Fabricated Strainers
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Systems
  • Process Filtration Technology
  • Coalescer Filter
  • Flow Equipment (Orifice plates, Venturi tube, Flow nozzles)
  • Disposable Filter Cartridges and Filter Bag
  • High Capacity Cartridges

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