Nicotra Gebhardt | CBI


Since their establishment in Italy and Germany over 50 years ago, Nicotra, Gebhardt and CBI independently developing and serving different fan applications in various industries. Recent joining of CBI into Nicotra Gebhardt (known as NICOTRA group hereafter) sees significant forward leap in design, engineering and manufacturing, offering the widest range of fans and services under one roof.

With current product range, we can literally supply fan solutions to any industry for various applications, ranging from standard OEM parts for HVAC industries, to the most stringently spec-ed custom engineered fans for oil & gas and heavy industries. Besides full compliances to relevant norms and standards, NICOTRA is proud to be one of the very few fan manufacturers in the world with ATEX certification.

Long satisfied customer list and extensive project references put NICOTRA amongst leaders in the world as preferred brand for fans. Proven track records for over 50 years are supported by in-house design / engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities. Today, NICOTRA has strong sales and technical support network across the globe. APSSB strive to bring the most advanced fan technologies from Italy & Germany to Malaysian customers.

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