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Holland Marine Services Amsterdam B.V. is the designer, producer and supplier of the smallest design Biological Sewage Treatment units, Grease Separators, Grey Water tanks, Ejector type Vacuum Toilet systems and supplier of Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water generators, UV disinfection units, Hydrophore units and the Jets Vacuum Toilet systems.

To meet the present demands and meanwhile providing flexibility in design, a new innovating line of Biological Sewage Treatment systems is developed by Holland Marine Services Amsterdam.

HMSA is supplying to shipyards and ship owners all over the world trough a network of agents for all kind of projects, from Multi Purpose Container vessels to House boats in Nigeria and from FPSO’s to Luxury Super Yachts.

A Type Approval was received from Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and The Netherlands Shipping Inspection after a comprehensive long term testing period.


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification systems

  • Certifications:
    • ISO 9001
    Easy to Use / Maintain:
    • Completely automatic operation
    • Simple design
    • Low maintenance
    • Frame completely made in polished stainless steel AISI 316

    High Efficiency:
    • 98.6% salt rejection
    • Potable water production
    • Possibility to install an energy recovery system

  • Control panel pilot lights:

    • Potable water
    • Non potable water
    • Low feeding pressure
    • Feeding pump failure
    • High pressure pump failure
    • Feeding pump Start/Stop switch
    • High pressure pump Start/Stop switch
    • Mountable on ship or offshore platform
    • Customisable size & controls
    • Various power and frequencies available
    • Remote monitoring optional
    • Pre-treatment for all kinds of feeding water

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Biological Sewage Treatment

HMSA 159(55) - STP


Holland Marine Services Amsterdam designs, manufactures and supplies the most compact advanced biological sewage treatment units, grease separators, grey water tanks and fresh water skids. The company also supplies reverse osmosis fresh water generators, UV disinfection units, hydrophore units, bilge water separators and integrated jet vacuum toilet systems.

All our products are manufactured and assembled in-house and are in full compliance with current IMO/Marpol MEPC 159(55) / 107(49) and MED96/98/EC regulations. Rigorous quality and dimensions control is supported by our Lloyd’s approved and certified MCA/MED quality control system, allowing us to guarantee a superior product quality.

IMO and MCA/MED certification are accepted by all major classification societies, as is the type approval of Lloyd’s and the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate for the design parameters of the biological sewage treatment plant. Certification relevant to vessels visiting the US is also granted by the USCG.

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