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    As a world leader in innovation nXd portable skids sets the new standard in diesel driven Zone 2 application for the oil and gas industry. This portable units is built into a specially adapted DNV offshore container and includes the latest ATEX technologies for safe operation in hazardous area (Zone 2 / Class 1, Div. 2).

  • amot

    AMOT works with original equipment manufacturers and oil and gas companies to design and develop safety products and solutions for engines, compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment.  Our product families include valves, electric and pneumatic instrumentation, control and condition monitoring systems and hazardous area safety products.

  • Procedyne Engineers

    Procedyne Engineers, synonymous with strainers, an integral component of any process system. Strainer filters are an economical insurance policy protecting valuable pieces of equipments like pumps, heat exchangers and flow meters from potentially damaging particles. Procedyne strainers are used extensively throughout the steel, chemical, power, oil, paper and wastewater treatment industries.

  • Vermeer Process

    Vermeer Process specializes in process filtration. As designer, trouble-shooter, manufacturer and supplier we can advise, design and deliver the ideal service or product throughout the course of your projects. To us, effective filtration means considering filter efficiency, redress life and price-quality ratio. Another significant consideration is decreasing maintenance costs. More attention to maintenance means less expensive shut down time. For example by evaluating and decreasing total costs of ownership, we can make process risks transparent.

  •  Nicotra Gebhardt | CBI

    Since their establishment in Italy and Germany over 50 years ago, Nicotra, Gebhardt and CBI independently developing and serving different fan applications in various industries. Recent joining of CBI into Nicotra Gebhardt (known as NICOTRA group hereafter) sees significant forward leap in design, engineering and manufacturing, offering the widest range of fans and services under one roof.

  • Holland Marine Services Amsterdam

    Holland Marine Services Amsterdam B.V. is the designer, producer and supplier of the smallest design Biological Sewage Treatment units, Grease Separators, Grey Water tanks, Ejector type Vacuum Toilet systems and supplier of Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water generators, UV disinfection units, Hydrophore units and the Jets Vacuum Toilet systems.


    PANAM is an API ISO 9001 – 2008/TS29001 company that was established in the year 1998. PANAM journey started with a small manufacturing unit producing stainless steel fittings. Today, emerged as a Group of Companies with a rich experience of two decades in providing solution for industrial & instrumentation piping systems. Consists of customised & cost-effective products that regulate control flow for piping systems.


    AFNAN Engineering is established since 2012 provides engineering services ranging from feasibility studies, Conceptual Design, Technology Selection, basic design, front-end engineering design (FEED) to detailed design. AFNAN Engineering also provides advanced process engineering solutions and value-added engineering works including custom process development, field development studies, design reviews for offshore Oil and Gas processing platforms, FPSOs and onshore processing terminal topsides, from Greenfield to Brownfield developments.